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IGS Resources Shpk comes with its brand “iPlast”, a certified company in the name of Plastic HDPE and Corrugated Pipes (Corrugated), in the city of Elbasan.

Our company produces Pipe for Drinking Water Ø20 to Ø315 with pressure up to 32 bar and Ribbed Pipe for Sewage Ø90 to Ø1000, SN4 and SN8.

IGS (iPlast) aims to become a leader in the plastic production sector and has participated in very important and important projects and as a goal has confidence in the Albanian center and its contribution to the economy of our country.

IGS (IGSPlast), continues its investments with the aim of promoting the product and the quality of the service it offers for its security, staying in fast and dynamic service, doing it in its region. create jobs for the people of our country.


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+355 67 600 9006

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